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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  May 15, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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department is here. the sheriff's department is leading this investigation. take a look at video. this began at 3:30 this afternoon. a family member came to the home discovering three stabbing victims. now, a 3 yorltd-year-old girl was also stabbed. as you've said right now, authorities are doing a yard to yard search. they call him a person of interest. ruben ramirez. these are all family members. the two deceased, the 3-year-old girl in the hospital and this man, ruben ramirez. sheriff department tells me he is known to frequent homeless shelters and he does have a history of mental illness, they're asking anyone who has seen him to give him a call because they would like to talk to him. three people found stabbed othen
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viewmont. two people have died a 40-year-old woman and a 1-year-old boy. and we'll bring you updates if anything changes and we get new information. >> thank you very much. we'll have that information. we're following more breaking news out of san jose. police investigating what they call a gruesome murder discovered in a holiday inn express. investigators collected evidence. police say a crew came across a body about 1 tth 20 this afternoon there is signs of a struggle or an assault that took place. >> police have not recovered a weapon. they've spent the afternoon going door to door searching for witnesses.
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you can find breaking developments on our twitter feed. >> right now, grass fire is snarling the community on highway 17. >> both northbound and southbound exits are closed of. >> happening now in kern county, this is a look you can see flames consuming forest land this, is between bakersfield in los angeles. >> the fire prompted evacuation of a nearby high school as well as ground crews and four helicopters. weem be sure to post updates. >> divers found the body of a girl who went missing from her family vacation home. the discovery made in cash creek. police have said the rescue was challenging because
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mckayla was unable to speak and had mental capacity of a 1-year-old. the death struck a chord in the community. >> i didn't know her. it doesn't matter. she was a little child we're concerned about. >> when this happens in a small community we come together fast. >> she disappeared playing outside with her brother. police say there is no indication of foul play. >> in a courtroom in calasa count eye ai. 12-year-old boy is accused of murdering his little sister, 8-year-old laila fowler. laura, how did that boy appear to you? >> like another kid. his family members seated not far from him. they cried.
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we did not seat boy boy. he looked at the judge who explained all that the teenager faces. >> other families left the court house moments after her son made a first court appearance. in the courtroom the he hearing was held the boy sat in a defense table with his parents not far away, crying. >> this is a very good family. like any good family, this is problematic for them. they love all of their children like every good family. >> the boy is charged with felony murder and a special enhancement, in this case using a knife to stab his sister repeatedly. the day lail yaz killed the boy told his father and police he found a stranger in the home and sister, injured. the call to his dad' deyauns
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yeah did not seem to indicate the seriousness of the situation. ther brother appeared with his family in a community vigil, he wasn't arrested until two weeks after the death. >> how can a 12-year-old commit commit this offense in such a way to not lead to a arrest? it was 2000 hours before they felt it was pointed toward him. >> the court nodded yes whether he under the process. >> now, the boy did not enter a plea. the judge pointed fought he were an adult ask convicted on these charges, he would face 16 years to life in prison under current california law,
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though, he must be released at age 23. thank you. >> slow down is the message from people who live along the street where a car struck and killed a 5-year-old girl yesterday. crossing guards are now on duty. teachers and parents held signs for passing drivers reminding them the speed limit is 25 miles per hour. >> just a terrible thing ai. dangerous stree. we've ridden bikes and sheegs been clipped in the back by a tire so this is a bad street. >> police say it is too early to tell whether speed played a role in this accident. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. >> the owner of a jant krus bus company has been arrested and charged in the death of a passenger.
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party bus of santa cruz owner was arrested at his home in san bernardino today. the passenger, a 25-year-old you died when she fell out of a bus. if conviktd he faces up to six years in prison. >> in brentwood a 74-year-old woman was struck and killed by a car while crossing the street in a crosswalk. police say they found drug paraphernalia in the car. the 43-year-old was arrested and for driving under the influence and manslaughter because he had a passenger. he faces child endangerment charges. >> a police raid extra indicated a couple dozen squatters. abc 7 news is in the newsroom now with a story only on abc 7 news. vic? >> the owners of the building are relieved the squatters are
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gone but blame police for the delay. in removing the trespassers. two people were arrested. one for resisting and other, for a parole violation. the rest of the 28 came out voluntarily. one by one, they appeared at the door where officers escorted them off to a holding area, police told us various groups had been living on the property off and on for about eight months. we spoke last week to several occupiers. they told us they wanted to create a community center. two families bought the former church eight years ago. the plans are to demolish it. the lawyer says the raid should have been sooner.
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>> this family has not had any proper response from the police. >> the lawyer says owners contacted police half a dozen times since early hap april when filing a police report. police say at the time the owners declined to press charges and officers advised them on the eviction process. officers suddenly appeared at the building ready to remove intruders. >> police say they discovered there were far more people in the building. >> have we had any problem that's would have been a problem. so we decided to stand down and back back and we're more
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prepared. >> police say they had to decide whether this was a civil or criminal case. and that took sometime. they also say the owners declined to sign a citizens arrest form. the owners still don't understand why it's so difficult to rye move people who took over someone's property. >> and we have posted a slide show for today's raid. >> still ahead here tonight at 6:00 the big boogel conference underway now. new maps, apps and announcement that he drove stock to unprecedented heights. >> also an old feud coming back to haunt san francisco police chief. he's now being sued by a former police prosecutor who he fired. >> clouds continuing to thicken. scattered showers are on the way. i'll show you when, and where
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the rain might fall in just a moment. >> later the maker movement. some locals who are trying to get more girls involved. stay with
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google kicks off one of its annual investor conference today. confidence is pushed google stock above $900 for the first time pushing just shy of $916
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today. and google stock first hit the 900 mark around 6:40 a.m. our time. abc 7 news shows us what everyone is so excited about at the conference. >> countdown measured in seconds but opening key note measured in hours. >> it was long, very long. >> google began with the numbers. the chrome web browser is taking over desk stop. then tont new stuff with glitches. a service for head to head gaming. they never got to it work and the teleprompter was on the fritz but google announced a music streaming service. >> anything that i'm listening to i can turn it into a radio
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station. >> you're locked in. we'll highlight everything important to you. >> the map now fills a browser window. and search and have a conversation oo. okay. google. >> how far is it from here? >> the drive from your location is 73.9 miles. >> but something was missing. >> lots of people talking about app what is going come from this. they wanted to back away from that here. >> the message was about google tig your life together. >> everywhere you go, there is a little piece of google. you're using g mail. >> despite voice problems he gave a talk. >> great things don't exist.
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>> one feature the chp does not want developed is one that makes it easier to use behind the wheel. chp says new laws are not needed for google class, just common sense here. >> safe speed while driving or reading a book. we encourage people to avoid distractions. >> google glass may be a year way from hitting shelves. a survey found only one in 10 adult who's own a smart phone would consider using one of the glasses. >> san francisco police chief will have to zee fend himself of charges he fired a prosecutor who once investigated him for misconduct then, sought dismissal.
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o'hare investigated fajita gate in which police brass were accused of hiding police misconduct and also investigated sur for not filing a domestic violence report against a friend. sur was suspended for action autos i had received threats this is going to be a difficult thing for me to continue the prosecution. and so i was very worried he would fire me. >> the san francisco police department responded saying the suit was quote, without merit. >> tonight power ball is climbing into record territory, now at $360 million. no one won it since the end of march. and the jack spot pot has grown because california is now part that have game.
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the game is up to nearly $190 million. i think i'm going to wait. until it's second or third largest until i win. >> we've got weather coming our way it's more typical than january. but it's okay. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. clouds continuing to thicken in the bay area and around us. and winds are rather brisk as well. now, looking at wind gusts up to 43 miles per hour at sfo. 24 miles per hour in concord. 30s in fairfield. lots of blue skies downtown san francisco, looking
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eastward across the bay, temperatures 58 degrees in san francisco. and 69 in santa cruz. another view looking down onto the bay and san francisco. our forecast as we get a live view, reveal we've got mostly cloudy skies developing overnight. will be cooler tomorrow with some spotty showers and mild weather into next week. an approaching cold front bringing us dramatic changes in weather pattern. it's a late season shower event. and speaking of interesting events south of mexico first tropical storm now developed.
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it's tropical storm alvin. it's moving away from landareas. and we'll see clouds thickening by 5:00 in the morning we'll see the first drops of rain off the coast then starts to spread. showers will, inland a bit. but there will be spotty about 9:00 in the morning and a greater portion of the bay area receiving showers. by friday morning partly sunny skies expected by 11:00 friday morn and we'll be looking at rainfall totals under a tenth of an inch. lois into mid-50s. tomorrow, much cooler than
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average. with spotty showers here, is the accu-weather forecast. starting to warm up again saturday, sunday, monday, highs back up near 90 degrees. if and loaf 90s on the coast. >> yes. >> thank you. >> just ahead tonight a new perspective on one of our most-recognized national
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a double milestone for bay area real estate. a price paid fr a home rose to more than half a million dollars for the first time in five years. that is 17% higher than in march making it largest one month increase in data quick's records going back 25 years. and it's 30% higher than this time, last year. data quick calls it a perfect storm of pent up demand and low rates. all though the number of homes sold is lower than last year there just aren't that many houses on the market. >> another solid day on wall street. the dow jones convenienced 60 points. apple dropped $15 a share on news more hedge funds are dropping stock from their
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portfolios. cisco report gg news tonight. the company earning $2.5 billion and for the first nim a year and a half revenue went up. but things are looking good for macy's tonight. profits up 20%. the company plans to raise its dividend and buy back back $1.5 kbrinl in stock. >> national park service has big plans for washington monument in the nation's capital. and have released this any nu video. it's been closed because of damage it sustained in an earthquake. the actual work won't begin for another few weeks. park service plans to light it for 4th of july celebrations.
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it's a unique view of the monday numt. it's wonderful. >> yes. >> all right. >> continuing tonight here on abc 7 news at 6:00 a live update for you on our breaking news in east san jose. police looking for the person who stabbed a woman and go young children inside of a home. >> a tea party leader claims to be a victim of an irs vendetta. >> you'll see and hear from o.j. simpson
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an update on breaking news that we brought you on the top of the newscast. >> a woman and two small children stabbed in their home. the search for the kill jer happening right now on viewmont avenue in allen rock neighborhood. >> and that is where ama is live with new information. >> the victims right now a 40-year-old woman killed.
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a 1-year-old boy was also killed. a 3-year-old girl taken to the hospital. all three are related. we don't know how, but the sheriff's department is looking for another family member right now. ruben ramirez, they're calling him a person interest of. he is a hispanic male. they tell me he is known to frequent loems shelters. the sheriff's department is familiar with ruben ramirez. they want to find him, see if he's home and if he knows anything. right now, they're doing a search from house to house making sure the area is safe. they're not letting anyone who lives in the homes on that street to go into their homes until they're sure there snow threat to them. a family member came home from work went inside of the skmous found the three victims.
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police tell me neighbors are still searching door to door trying to find a person responsible for this. that is the latest information we have now. >> it's inexcuseable. americans are right to be angry about it. i am angry about it heads are beginning to roll over the scandal that rocked the obama administration. the acting head of the irs is gone. >> the president asked for and received today his resignation after groups were targeted by the irs. now, the tea part gee one of the those target bid the irs there. is a woman we're going to show you who says the irs held up her application for tax exempt status for three years. >> jenny ripini is wuchbt leaders of the nor cal tea
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party. she was heading home from disneyland today when i met her at the airport. she says she just found out about the report and accusations of irs targeting. >> i got a phone dpraul a reporter and saying hey, can i interview you because i heard you were one of the ones targeted. >> she has known her request friday. rs was getting the run around. she fairs plied in 2009. >> after numerous phone calls my accountant trying to get a hold of them to find out ylt delay it wasn't until january of this year that she got a letter like this one from the irs requesting additional noofgs sthe wanted to know names, addresses and telephone numbers of anyone who donated to us. i was applying for a 501 c 4. >> rapini says the irs wanted the names of every candidate. >> they wanted every e mail i had sent out.
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they wanted transcripts of every speech from any speaker at any event. meeting or anything that we had had. >> rapini called her congressman to complain. >> they were making demands for information from the groups including ajendas for two years. today calling for a clean sweep of anyone involved. >> assuring they're exposed and dismissed and debarred from any position of trust in the united states government. >> this afternoon the president said those responsible will be held accountable. >> secretary lu requesting and accepting resignation of the acting commissioner of the irs. >> i think he's been caught with the hand in the cookie jar he's going to say, yes, shame on them. nothing is going to be done by him. >> irs did not return our calls for comment today. but in their latest statement
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td agency says it's require bid law to determine if they're engaging in perm missable levels of political activity and calling the flagging an inappropriate short cut. >> irs will be closing down one day next week. it's the first of five furlough days the agency will take. on these days all irs offices will close. no electronic filings will go through. >> o.j. simpson took to the stand today n 2007 he fwheent a hotel room and retrieved mem beal yeah claimed was stolen. he says he received bad add
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sfris a lawyer who told him it was legal to take back those items. >> my lawyer told me you can't fwleek a room. i didn't fwleek a room. i didn't beat up anyone. i didn't try to muscle the guys. >> any weapons being used?. >> no. there is no need for it. for what? there is five of us. it's two of them. >> simpson's former attorney expected to testify friday. the judge will decide if there will be a retrail. the sentence means he is eligible for parole in 2017. >> we're going to take a look at the do it yourself maker movement.
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this weekend popular maker fair is taking place. it's a wild gathering of creative do it yourselfer autos most of men. and very few women choose engineering as a career. >> how educators are trying to
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get girls interested, early. >> computer engineers built it and use a. l.e.d.lights to decide which ppblg to follow. >> lack of space and us being engineered. >> they're part of the maker movement. a growing fascination with building things yourself. they'll show off their climbing wall at maker fair in san mateo. the fair provided with us this video of last year's gathering. this year laura will stand out for more than just the climbing wall. >> i wish there are more female engineers. >> it's just one example of the gender divide in engineering. the society of women engineers say fewer than 18% of graduating engineers are women. and the creator wants to change that. >> we want to make everything
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accessible so that you're not saying this is things women do and men do. we want to get away from that. >> research shows getting girls interested in science and math while in middle school is key. >> do you have yours snet. >> no. >> at the school for girls these sixth graders are building boxes and learning to use power tools. >> it's about getting into things spaishlly. getting them to solve problems. >> it's like where does the hinge go? how do these pieces fit snogt more practice we give them, more they'll be. >> if they begin to think of sthechls as capable, think
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feel more sure of them self autos for these girls it's about thinking outside of the bo its cool to have a hands on project like this. where u'ing to build something with your hands. >> it's a good opportunity to learn. >> that is terrific. for a link go to abc it's wonderful. >> sturm a major milestone for a program living
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a program that helps dmirn one of san francisco's most-difficult neighborhoods is celebrating 20 years of service this year. >> it's a story we've been covering since the very beginning. abc 7 news anchor cheryl jennings reports on how it's
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changing young lives every day. >> this center is in the heart of a rough neighborhood in san francisco. children and teens find a safe haven here, locked away from negative outside influences. the kids say that tender loin after school program can give them a chance to choose a bright future. >> when in middle school you get peer pressure from friends smoking cigarettes. you know? going out, shoplifting. >> you you would never know because she's one of the success stories from the center. she's one of the first faces you can see at the builder company in san francisco. but she remembers those days when her family emigrated to the tender loin. >> i had a choice. >> the young people in after school program not only have a safe place to do home work ask enjoy activities they're also encouraged to go to college and get a job, some get their first jobs right here.
6:46 pm
23-year-old sander and her sister and brother came to the center at a young age. their parents worked all the time. 26-year-old ellen came here as a chichld now they work as program assistants. >> to watch kids grow, to be there for them. >> that is what makes this center so special. they run the program for free as part of the mission creating safe housing in the tender loin for 30 years. >> we want people to understand the power and meaning of what the staff offers to young people. >> it's up to the families to determine what they want, how they're going to get there.
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>> laura has run the program 14 years now, her kids are passing on this gift to another generation. sondra wants to open her own center. >> i want to give back to the kids and just make a change in their live. >> you had a choice. to stay away. you didn't. >> i couldn't. this after school program is my home. >> just great work. >> yes. >> you can join cheryl this friday night for the 20th anniversary gala. >> it's the pool talk. >> cheryl has been there. >> yes. >> let's update the forecast. >> cludz continuing to thicken across the bay area, looking at western sky right now, live from our sutro camera, you can
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see lots of blue out there. thin, high clouds. we have more clouds. tomorrow, state wide, quite a bit of showers over parts of northern california out over the sierra. down moving down to bay area, scattered showers as well, here in the bay area looking for spotty light showers. and breezy, cool along the coast. 60s around the bay. low 70s inland and here is the accu-weather forecast. two much cooler than average days coming our way tomorrow and friday. and we'll warm up on saturday and a lot more warming takes place on sunday and monday. and you can follow us on twitter live doppler 7 hd. and track weather conditions
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yourself. >> i should mention the pool stos in the fall. >> a south bay hospital taking a novel approach to helping people eat healthier. a new warmer's market. >> dietitians will take patient there's and help them select healthy foods. >> very good. >> there is some bainl, too. >> giants trip to canada turning into the journey to oblivion. as mike tyson would say, olivion. angel
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geechblgt a's have hit a rough stretch. another loss today, they've now dropped seven games. get your spf 50 here. two red, two down.
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single with a relief. first pitch to xfinity and beyond. 6-1 game in the 6th. cruz goes full extension. rangers improve to 26 and 14 record. now two games under 500. giants and blue jays in a scary moment here for buster posey in the first inning. took a fauft ball off the shoulder from ramone ortiz. f -- buster took his bait. like barry zito yesterday, angel pagan make that's play into a memt that gets by him two, runs score.
6:54 pm
bogey allows eight runs. the warriors looked exhausted they got about 24 hours to try to get reenergized. stej curry admitted he played terribly combining to go six of 22 for a total of 13 points. warriors coach took a page from the old denny green hand book. >> bears who we thought they were. they're tough knit, tide together group. and has no quit in them. they're only, fouro
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reinforce those feelings tomorrow night. >> he grew up big, they zpraild retook the lead. then, norris cole dug in the 4th quarter, dwyane wade on a bad knee with 18 points. wait. a finish, 94-91. looks like kings will stay in sacramento. david stern there next step for nba to convince maloof brothers. >> you don't want to do anything that is dispairaging to seattle f the offer got accepted you know, god bless seattle. i think the family was very intricate in us getting to where we are today.
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>> stage 4, 83-6 miles. raiders in need of play makers. he spent his career with the browns with eight kickoffs for touchdowns. he's fast there. chris can line up with live receivers. when healthy he can change games on special teams. >> larry, thank you. >> join me tonight at 9:00, coming up then, california parks rocked by a new scandal at 9:00 the group taking donations intended for the state. where it's ending up. >> then, on abc 7 news at 11:00 what is hidden in food could affect your health. michael finney reveal whauz
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might miss wnou loo >> and here is tonight's line up on abc 7. starting with middle and followed by family tools and modern family. >> then it's thousand live with your parents for the rest of your life and nashville followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. >> we'll be back with that. that is this edition of abc 7 news at 6:00. >> from all of us here, thanks for watching. >> we appreciate your time. see you at he 9:00 and 11:00.
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship! here is our third group of semifinalists -- a junior at university of wisconsin-madison from oshkosh, wisconsin... ...a sophomore from georgetown university from olmsted falls, ohio... ...and a sophomore from washington university in st. louis from solon, ohio... w here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny. ladies and gentlemen, and no is the third and last of our semifinal matches. so far, the semifinals have belonged to the tech schools, right? m.i.t., georgia tech -- kristen and trevor awaitinthis . nishanth, jim, and julia, welcome back.
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good luck. here we go. jeopardy! round.g and the categories. and finally, a whole category about soweto. alex: nishanth, start us. can i get "yo" lo for $200? julia. what is a yoke? yoke is right. "yo" lo for $400. nishanth. who is yoda? yeah. "yo" lo, $600. nishanth. jim. what is a yo-yo? yo-yo, yes. "yo" lo for $800. julia. what is yodeling? yodeling, yeah. "yo" lo for $1,000.


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